Make facial skin look naturally white and clear. skin brightening technology from Korea Innovation Always try to offer better value to customers.

Are skin whitening products safe?

Well-known that the biggest problems for facial skin at any age are: the dull skin tone, dark spots and freckles. No matter who meets these problems – men or women, it is always has an impact to self-confidence, because everyone wants to have a clear skin, without dullness, dark spots or freckles problems on the face.

There are many types of solutions on the market, convincing consumers in getting the desired and safe results. However, need to beware choosing the product, since there is wide choice of products with prohibited substances, such as steroids or mercury, which will adversely affect face and body skin in the long term.

Therefore, it is important to find product without side effects to the health, both in the short and long term.

Claracel MYCLEAR ESSENCE - Natural skin whitening technology

With our in-depth research and innovations, including long-term formula development, Nohtus has introduced Claracel MYCLEAR ESSENCE, that helps facial skin look naturally white and clear, and makes freckles and dark spots faded after using the product.

We pay the most attention to the safety and consequences of using our products for our consumers. Claracel MYCLEAR ESSENCE makes facial and neck skin look radiant naturally, and also helps its moisture and smoothness.

For those who need facial skin whitening solution, without black spots, there are many offers on the market today. It is important to study carefully before choosing product or service, to find the one that will not negatively impact in the long-term.

Nohtus has a strong belief in studies and research results, that are aimed to solve problems of our consumers, without side effects, both in the short and long term. The safety of our consumers is our main priority. Our products are free from banned substances and do not cause allergy or irritation. We are very pleased to be a facial skin consultant for everyone, to bring the beauty that is safe and sustainable.