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Why is the collagen so important for our skin?

Talking about the ways of making facial and body skin firm, elastic and wrinkle-free, we will inevitably refer to collagen products. The collagen degeneration is a primary cause of wrinkled skin. In fact, our bodies can generate collagen itself and also get it from collagen-rich foods, even in small quantities.

The older we get, the body tends to produce less collagen. There are various factors that causes the deterioration or inhibit the creation of new collagen such as sleep deprivation, smoking, alcohol, sunlight or pollution, including life stresses.

As a result, the collagen is produced in smaller quantities than our body needs, causing our skin to become wrinkled and sagging, and consequently affects to our self-confidence and making us look older.

Younger Skin

Younger Skin

Older Skin

Older Skin

Innovative Collagen Serum to touch the skin deeper than ever

Nohtus has continuously researched beauty technologies to create new innovative solutions for reducing wrinkles, that will be safe for our consumer in the short and long term.

Our research and development goals are aimed to create excellent serum formula, hence, our collagen is a Particle-free product, which is penetrate into the skin deeper than any other serum, and does not cause allergies or irritation.

Claracel Rejuner Serum is a new collagen product for improving the skin condition, including wrinkles and sagging. Making the skin firm, removing wrinkles and adding moisture to the skin, the serum gives the skin natural radiant look. The effect of our innovative collagen lasts much longer than other similar products, and do not cause allergic reactions or irritations. The product is approved by Thai FDA, Korea FDA and U.S. FDA, and have recognition in many countries around the world.

The consumers always have a large selection of products and services related to collagen or preventing wrinkles. Nohtus would like to advise our consumers, not to overlook the product impact and safety, in both short and long term. We are very pleased to be a consultant for health and beauty for everyone, to bring the beauty that is safe and sustainable.